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Do you have a project that requires the work of a crane? At Eastern Cranes & Rigging, we pride ourselves on our exceptional crane hire service in Melbourne.

With our two decades worth of experience, you can guarantee our experts will deliver exceptional crane & rigging hire services no matter the scope and complexity of your project. From seamless crane set-up to precise operations, we can get the job done.

We have a versatile fleet of cranes for hire, meaning we can get onto any site, no matter how big or small the area.

For a more descriptive list with specs of our cranes for hire, head to our fleet page.

We make every lift a safe lift, operating Melbourne and Victoria-Wide and helping builders with:

  • Precast panels
  • Commercial construction
  • Specialised rigging
  • Steel erections
  • Residential construction
  • Lift studies
  • Man box works
  • Machinery relocation
  • Site inspections

Our crane fleet includes:

  • 2018 250 tonne Liebherr
  • 2014 90 tonne Liebherr
  • 2017 60 tonne Liebherr
  • 2016 16 tonne Kato
  • 2010 25 tonne Franna

Prepare for Success with Our Crane and Rigging Hire Services

On work sites across Australia, workers rely on a diverse array of crane and rigging setups to move and manipulate heavy objects, stage materials for work and make demanding tasks more manageable. From small light-duty cranes to giant cranes capable of lifting staggering amounts of weight to great heights, there’s equipment out there to match any kind of job – but where can your team find the assistance they need? Builders, civil engineering firms and many other operations often can’t maintain crane rigging equipment due to the expense and the experience required to operate them. At Eastern Cranes & Rigging, we provide straightforward and reliable crane and rigging hire in Melbourne so our clients can tackle any task with confidence.

With a powerful fleet of cranes for hire that continues to expand as we acquire the latest in cutting-edge hardware from leading manufacturers, we represent one of the best options when your business must hire a crane.

To make this process easier, this page will take an in-depth look at why your choice matters, when to use crane hire services such as ours, and how we can meet your needs on the job site. First, let’s examine why not every crane for hire is the same.

The Importance of Robust Construction Cranes

Selecting the right crane for the job can be challenging, especially if this is the first time your team has required heavy lifting capabilities. A core component of our crane hire service in Melbourne includes helping our clients select the right option for the service they have in mind. What makes the correct choice so important?

  • The proper selection translates into a lower cost. You don’t always need to reach for the largest crane available, and in some cases, such a choice would work against your efforts toward efficiency. By carefully navigating this process, you can be confident your business will pay only for the level of service it needs – no more and no
  • A well-chosen crane allows formore efficient operations on the job site. When a crane has the appropriate size and weight capabilities to handle your job, each lifting and moving task takes less time.
  • Safety is always a core concern, too, and having a crane that can handle the task at hand is a vital element for on-site safety. An undersized crane could struggle with a heavy load and put workers at risk, while good equipment maintenance is also an element of safety that you shouldn’t overlook.

Signs You Should Invest in Mobile Crane Hire

When is it the right time to call for specialist mobile crane hire in Melbourne? There are many occasions when a service such as ours would be a valuable asset. Some of the most common indicators that our service could be helpful include:

  • You have the opportunity to work on a lucrative contract that is within your area of expertise but requires some heavy lifting capabilities beyond your usual purview. Hiring a crane is a simple way to meet your client’s demands without the considerable expenditure of acquiring equipment.
  • You frequently perform work in different areas, but the logistics of transporting a crane isbeyond your capabilities. Why worry about getting from Point A to Point B when that can be our job?
  • You want to maintain the capability to provide services involving craning operations without the expense of acquiring and maintaining vehicles and equipmenton your own. Relying on our hire service gives your business more flexibility without a significant impact on your bottom-line.

The Benefits of Hiring a Crane from Eastern Cranes & Rigging

We’ve worked hard to create an option for lifting and rigging that perfectly aligns with the requirements of our clients. Because of our efforts to offer a fine-tuned and highly responsive crane hire service in Melbourne, our clients can enjoy multiple benefits such as:

  • The confidence that comes from knowing you’ve selected an experienced provider who understands how to address the challenges of any job site. From the first time you contact us to the conclusion of our business, we place the needs of our clients first.
  • Better safety for your crew on site. With our experts coordinating, the job site will be a well-orchestrated series of moving parts.
  • Value for money. We don’t lock you in to restrictive contracts that require you to pay for more time than you need. Instead, we offer daily hire rates that are easier to plan and fit into your budget, so you can account for using our crane & rigging hire services from the very beginning of a project’s early stages.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Crane Hire Companies?

With multiple options for cranes in Melbourne, choosing a service provider may initially involve researching the different solutions on the market. Why are the experts at Eastern Cranes & Rigging the best-suited to respond to your request for your help? Consider what makes our service stand out from the rest:

  • We have 6years of industry experience, plus a team in the field representing a wealth of knowledge of their own. With this level of experience, you can bet we’ve seen plenty of scenarios and encountered our fair share of problems, too. With all that knowledge comes the confidence to capably handle every contingency while providing our clients with five-star service every day.
  • Our array of craning solutions makes it easier to adapt an option to meet the needs of your particular project. Not only is all our equipment meticulously maintained, but we continue to acquire new and impressive hardware to better serve the diverse requirements of our clients.
  • We understand how to run a lean business that can pass savings onto our clients. Being a reliable and valuable resource for our partners is important to us.

Why Are We a Cost-Effective Solution for Mobile Crane Hire in Melbourne?

When investing in crane and rigging hire, it’s critical to be sure your expenditure will yield a return in the form of faster work or better results. We understand how important value is to our clients, and we’ve structured our service to better meet those requirements. How are we a cost-effective choice?

  • We’ve worked tirelessly to develop a service where we can keep our overhead costs at a lower level. Because we’ve trimmed the fat and focused on providing the best value possible, you’ll find our rates highly competitive compared to other options.
  • Our quotes are all-inclusive, so financial planning for our clients is quick and simple. There are no hidden fees, and no surprises tacked on at the very end to inflate your invoice. What you see is what you get – and that is an honest, transparent service.
  • We continually invest in new crane rigging equipment and robust maintenance so that you never need to think about what to do if a hardware malfunction occurs on site. Combined with our brand new trucksfor transportation and our team of rigging equipment hire specialists, we can capably handle the crane-related logistics of any job site, large or small.

About Our Professional Staff

Take a moment to get to know more about the kinds of people you will meet and interact with when you choose us for rigging hire in Melbourne. With a friendly team of rigging equipment hire specialists full of smiling faces, you can count on a smooth and painless transaction every time. Who are we?

  • We are a family-owned business that has earned its reputation as one of the best rigging and lifting companiesin our industry. With a generational passion for our industry, we’re determined to stand out on every level for our clients. We put everything into our efforts to ensure that our clients can rely on the most versatile service in Victoria for crane hire.
  • Our staffundergo a hand-selection process. We don’t only look for the appropriate qualifications, but we also evaluate real-world experience and how good a fit they are for our business.
  • Friendliness, honesty and professionalism are the most important values for us. Working with our team of rigging equipment hire specialistsis stress-free and provides peace of mind for even our busiest clients on the most multi-faceted projects.

Our Solutions for Cranes in Melbourne

We’re proud to say that we field a highly diverse fleet of cranes capable of meeting many needs. These solutions allow us to provide everything from the most basic service to specialised rigging for the most complex tasks. What can you expect to find within our fleet?

  • One of our most compact units suitable for light to medium-duty jobs is our Liebherr 60 tonne crane. We also havea 25 tonne unit that allows for cost-effective operations on less demanding job sites. When you need to move loads up to 60 tonnes, these units are the best choice. For larger jobs, we offer a 90 tonne Liebherr unit.
  • Need a heavy-duty option capable of tackling even the toughest loads for delivery or installation? Ask about hiring our 250tonne Liebherr This powerful unit makes quick work of demanding jobs.
  • Our fleet also consists of a wide range of transport vehicles to supply logistics solutions alongside cranes and rigging as needed.

Ways to Use Our Crane Hire Services

You can rely on us to provide trusted mobile crane hire in Melbourne regardless of your needs. What are some of the most common ways our clients use our equipment?

  • Moving and placing large precast concrete panels. Pre-casting is becoming more common to speed up construction and save on the costs of erecting large amounts of formwork on site. When you need precast structures carefully moved and positioned into place, you can count on our team.
  • General residential construction tasks. Let us help your team move materials where they need to go so that construction can proceed according to the schedule you quoted to your client. We work with your crew in close coordination.
  • Relocation of heavy machinery. Whether you have a large generator that needs to move to another location or some other multi-tonne hardware, we know how to set up safe and effective rigging to transport it wherever you need it moved.

What to Expect

Our business puts quality of service and safety above all else. That commitment translates into high standards for our staff and keen attention to detail. After hand-selecting candidates to work for our team, we keep their training updated with the latest techniques and regulations. Here’s what you can expect from our team:

  • A punctual arrival with a clear understanding of what the day’s work will involve. We won’t keep your crews waiting around with nothing to do until the crane arrives.
  • Quick and efficient operation in close concert with your team on the ground or at heights. Weunderstand how to work with maximum safety while also avoiding unnecessary delays. We know you have a schedule to keep.
  • Professionalism from start to finish, and the flexibility necessary to contend with unforeseen developments on site. Sometimes a delay further down the line can cause issues with your operations. We understand and adapt to meet changing requirements.

Common Mistakes People Make with Crane Rigging Equipment Hire

Although we strive to make it as easy as possible to find a crane with rigging available for hire, it is still possible to err during this process. To avoid delays and other frustrations, familiarise yourself with the following common mistakes and take steps to avoid them:

  • Waiting too long to begin making arrangements for the crane hire you need. Although we can offer short lead times for equipment, demand is such that the appropriate hardware may not be available on short notice. Give yourself plenty of time by planning for the use of this service.
  • Underestimating the mass of the material you need moved or positioned. Seek out and double-check information concerning the weight of the objects to be handled so you can select the appropriate crane.
  • Incorrectly gauging the amount of time necessary for you to complete the operations. If you are unsure how long craning operations will take for a specific application, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can advise you on the most appropriate hire period to complete all the necessary work.

Tips for Planning for Rigging Equipment Hire

Finding a trustworthy resource is only the first part of your job regarding proper planning for the use of our services. What else should you do to be sure that you can expect the best results possible from your investment? Here are a few more quick tips:

  • Plan for the use of a crane from the start of your project. Know when and where you will need crane operations to take place so that you will have no problem integrating our services.
  • Determine whether our logistics services would represent a valuable addition to your planning. With our extensive transport fleet, we’re capable of moving even very heavy objects to and from your site.
  • Provide our team with as much information as possible so that we cancreate thorough and safe plans for appropriately rigging the item for lifting with one of our crane units.

The Best Advice When Looking for a Crane

Is there anything else you should know when you’re ready to use a crane and rigging hire service that would make the process easier for your business? Below, find a few of the pointers we’ve gleaned from our years in the industry and many successful jobs.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Whether you’renot sure which crane is best for the job or you have concerns about the delicate nature of something that you need to move, we’ll provide in-depth answers.
  • Feel free to ask about unique or challenging work scenarios. We don’t shy away from projects that push our capabilities. We look forward to discussing the “ins and outs” of such jobs with our clients.
  • Ask about our credentials. We’re happy to provide you with as much informationas you require about our qualifications or the type and level of insurance cover we carry. Our goal is to establish peace of mind for our clients.

Choose Eastern Cranes & Rigging Today

With years of experience and a proven fleet, Eastern Cranes & Rigging represents a valuable ally to any team requiring craning operations.

Contact us today by giving us a call on 0407 061 882 or contacting us online to learn more about our services and put the final touches on your project’s planning.

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