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The other side of our business, ECR Transport & Logistics, is the only construction crane & transportation services provider you’ll ever need for all of your commercial storage, transport and logistics requirements.

From holding inventory to getting it to where it needs to go, we are ready to help you manage every logistical aspect of your operation.

ECR Transport & Logistics is passionate about helping Victorian businesses solve their commercial storage, transport and logistical problems. With an impressive fleet and incredible storage capacity, we are a proven and trusted provider of crane hire & transport services for Victorian businesses with logistic needs big and small. Come to us next time you need a flat bed truck, drop deck trailer or semi truck trailer for hire.

If you’re looking for a company who will deliver EXCEPTIONAL transport and logistic services, look no further than ECR TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS.

Our commercial storage solutions include open and undercover operations, and can cater for:

  • Construction storage
  • Machinery storage
  • Pallet storage
  • Container storage

Our fleet includes:

  • Drop-deck trailers with ramps
  • Semi-trailers (taut line, flattop, and flatbed)
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Low loaders
  • Trailers for oversized loads
  • Utes
  • Vans

Trust Us with Your Construction Site Logistics

Logistics refers to the planning, execution and control of procurement, plus the transportation of materials and worker stations and the delivery of other essential resources to a particular site. It is the management of inventory, both in motion and stationary. Construction site logistics deals specifically with the movement of materials and equipment from their place of origin to the location where a workforce requires them to be.

These materials must arrive on time and without damage. A typical example of logistics in this area is the transportation of precast concrete from a manufacturer to a site. When the concrete arrives, you will require a crane to lift and safely place the panels into place. Ensuring that these factors complement one another is the responsibility of a transport logistics company such as Eastern Cranes & Rigging. Call us today to enquire about our crane transportation services.

Tips Regarding Operation Logistics

Transportation logistics has a significant impact on the profitability of a project. For example, with delayed delivery of materials, working crews are left without the supplies they need to complete their work. Frequently, these workers are on an hourly wage, so you’re spending money while waiting for the delivery of a particular piece of equipment.

Apart from affecting you financially, logistics issues can delay an entire project. If you’re late with an installation because of a lack of logistical planning, other work crews, such as electricians and plumbers, have to push back their work. For these reasons, you should follow tips to maximise your site logistics as you partner with a professional logistics company.

  • The key to a successful construction operation is the development of a proper logistics plan. Create this plan at the infant stages of the project and fill in every detail that you require. Inform the key players about drafting the plan to obtain their input and suggestions. As you finalise the document, ensure that every contractor and manufacturer is aware of the plan and that they are on board.
  • During the design phase of the project, ask the designer to create a process map. Ideally, they should develop a bill to demonstrate the flow of materials and the routes to take that minimise unnecessary delays on essential items. This process is crucial for smooth onsite operation, and it allows every contractor to identify their materials easily and install them at the right time.
  • Miscommunication can cause problems in every industry and at every worksite. You must be clear as you deliver information to manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Ensure that you’re not ignoring a crucial contractor by accident. Find ways to improve bulk communication so that every party with an interest in the project is on the same page.
  • Identify a logistics company that can handle all aspects of managing materials, transport and labour. A logistics partner can assist with the variations in supply and demand for resources that pose a challenge to your project. Instead of allowing these issues to create uncertainty and inefficiency, the right logistics company streamlines these functions. Consequently, you decrease your expenses and complete the work on time.

Benefits of On-Site Logistics

Every construction project requires transport and logistics to move materials into or away from a site. Companies that focus on construction work don’t stock materials – instead, they possess the tools to complete their tasks. This discrepancy highlights the need for truck logistics to pick up the materials and deliver them on schedule so that the workers can commence.

Here are the benefits that you can enjoy when you partner with a reputable construction site logistics provider who can assist with construction crane & transportation services:

  • Working on massive projects requires large amounts of materials. You can’t rely on transporting essential goods to a site via a car, as success would require several trips back and forth. A logistics company has vehicles that minimise the number of trips. This can saveyou money in the long-term and helps you avoid paying for fuel for a single car’s multiple trips.
  • Regardless of weather conditions, a transportation company continues to provide an efficient service. Whether it’s raining or the harsh rays of the sun are beating down, a truck remains more than ready to move essential loads. As a result, you can have access to all necessary items even when the weather isn’t conducive to work.
  • As a construction site manager, you don’t require a large fleet of vehicles to control the logistics onsite. Evaluate the size of the loads that you require and communicate this information to the logistics company. As a result, you will have as few trucks as possible in motion onsite to minimise congestion while delivering highly efficient services.

Why Trust Eastern Cranes & Rigging with Site Transport?

Eastern Cranes & Rigging has earned itself a distinguished reputation as a leading provider of semi truck trailer and drop deck trailer hire, as well as flat bed truck hire in Melbourne. We’ve been assisting businesses across Victoria for over two decades with their logistics requirements. We have an impressive fleet and commercial storage capacity to solve your onsite problems. One of the key elements of our operation is punctuality. We know the reputation that we’ve earned is a standout in our business, and we confidently offer competitive prices and cost-effective construction crane & transportation services to our customers.

We understand the risks of working on a construction site and always meet the regulations set by the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Victoria. When you collaborate with our team of experts for specialist crane hire & transport services, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve hand-picked experienced and skilled crane operators and truck drivers.

When you require a professional and efficient logistics partner for your project, contact us today by calling us on 0407 061 882 or contacting us online.

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